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Endoscopy is the use of a long and malleable tube (called an endoscope) with a camera at the tip of it to look inside your pet’s body. It is usually inserted in the mouth or rectum. It has a number of uses in veterinary medicine and is just one of the dozens of services we offer for our patients here at South Shore. For more details, please give us a call at 902.543.5602.

Why would a pet need an endoscopy?

More often than not, your veterinarian will perform an endoscopy to find out the causes behind your pet’s vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss and other concerning clinical symptoms. It may also be helpful to remove certain foreign bodies or growths inside your pet. In this way, endoscopies are a less-invasive alternative to traditional surgery with a scalpel.

Is an endoscopy painful for pets?

Not at all. Your pet will be sedated and unconscious all throughout their endoscopy. After it is done, your pet can go home with you. They may feel drowsy from the anesthesia but that should wear off in a matter of hours. Most patients recover right away with no need for added rest or restricted exercise after their endoscopy. But, if an endoscopy was performed as part of another surgery or procedure, then more after care may be required. Endoscopies performed exclusively for diagnosing diseases are the ones that require little to no recovery time.


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