Health Problems Common in Large Dogs

Your dog’s size could increase its risk of developing certain diseases and conditions. These conditions are among the most common in large breeds.

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How to Make Your Rescue Pet Feel Comfortable in Your Home

Do you plan to add a furry friend to your family soon? Adjusting to a new home can be a little overwhelming for rescue pets, even though they’re sure to enjoy all the love and affection you give them. These tips can make your new pet’s first weeks at home much easier.

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Could Your Cat Have a Neurological Disorder?

Does your cat lose its balance easily, stare into space, drool, or twitch? Your furry friend’s strange behavior could be caused by a neurological disorder that affects the brain, nerves, or spinal cord. These disorders are among the most common neurological problems diagnosed in cats.

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Last updated: September 2021

Dear Clients,

Along with the province, we are continuing our re-opening plan. The following is the current status:

1. The doors are open for anyone to come in. This means appointments and those purchasing retail items. 

2. Because of on going social distancing requirements, we are only allowing 15 people in the lobby at once. We ask that you be mindful of keeping 6’ from the people around you while in the lobby. 

3. We are still taking email (or phone) orders for those who would like to continue to do curbside pickup at the side door. Please send an email to prescriptions@southshorevetservices.ca. 

4. Because of extremely high demand, we continue to need 24 *business hours* to process medication refills (even if you walk in the front door to order). This includes flea and tick medication. Food can be purchased while you’re at the clinic (except for special orders). 

5. Due to on going social distancing requirements, there is still only one person per pet, per appointment.

- The team at South Shore Veterinary Hospital