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Can I just come in and get a dewormer for my pets?

Due to Nova Scotia Veterinary Association (NSVMA) regulations, a veterinarian has to have examined your pet within the past 12 months to receive any prescription, including many deworming products. Once examined, the veterinarian will give you a prescription for a dewormer best suited to your pet.

Can I catch lice from my cat or dog?

While there are zoonotic parasites (meaning transmittable to people), lice are not one of them. Lice are species-specific, meaning lice that cats get only infect cats. Lice that dogs get only infect dogs. You can only get lice that infect people.

If my dog has worms, will my cat get them?

There are no worms that are directly transmitted from one animal to another. They may get them if exposed to the same environment, i.e., from the same source: soil, fleas, rodents, old (not fresh) feces, or their mother during nursing. If you have animals in the same environment and notice worms in one, they should all be treated.

At what age can I deworm my puppy or kitten?

Different dewormer optios have different ages on when they can be used. Some are safe to use at two weeks, and others need to be started at 8 weeks. We can help you determine which product is best for your pet.

Do I have to bring in my pet before getting medication?

Just like humans, pets need to be examined by a doctor before medication can be dispensed. Examining your pet helps the veterinarian determine the best course of treatment to help relieve your pet’s ailment.

At what age can I spay or neuter my puppy or kitten?

It is recommended to spay and neuter at 5.5 – 6 months of age. In females, this is usually before their first heat cycle. Males can be done anytime after 6 months as long as they are not displaying signs of dominance. 

When does my puppy or kitten start their vaccines?

Kittens and puppies get a vaccine starting at 8 weeks and then every 3-4 weeks for 2 more doses. Vaccines will be customized based on lifestyle.

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