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Rabbit Services

Bunnies and rabbits don’t just capture our hearts during Easter egg hunts, they are furry family members all year round! Like dogs, cats and other more traditional pets, rabbits need constant medical care from licensed veterinary teams to stay as healthy as possible. With our help, you can ensure your rabbit is hopping happily all their days! Call us at 902.543.5602 to learn more about our rabbit services and to schedule your next consultation.

Are rabbits an easy pet to own?

Not necessarily. This is a common misconception. Although rabbits don’t need to be taken out on walks, they have specific diet, environments and socialization requirements that must be followed so they can have as a high as quality of life as possible. Their rabbit cages need to be cleaned daily, and should have enough space for them to hop around comfortably. They should be fed a diet of fresh vegetable, fruits, as well as high-quality hay and grass. They also need daily attention and physical contact with you so they can be in good shape mentally.

Do rabbits make good indoor pets?

Yes! As long as they have enough space in their enclosure, and are in a part of your home where you and your loved ones spend a lot of time, they will be very happy! Rabbits need constant affection, so it’s important to take time each day to play with them. Now, when you take them out of their enclosure, be prepared to protect your furniture or keep any fragile items out of their reach, as they do enjoy chewing on things like wood or clothing.

Can I take my pet rabbit outside?

Yes, but please take extra care and keep your eyes on them at all times. It’s best to take them out in your own backyard or patio, where there is fencing around to protect them from dangers such as foxes or moving cars.

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