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Worms cannot only be found in your furry friend’s poop. They can also make their way into your pet’s heart, lungs, bladder, blood vessels, intestinal tract and other body parts. They can cause serious and potentially fatal complications if left to reproduce. Fortunately, with regular deworming treatments, your pet will have ample protection from these slimy creatures. Call us at 902.543.5602 to learn more about deworming.

Do I need to deworm my adult dog/cat?

Yes. Even when they grow up, your pet will need regular deworming to stay protected. The frequency of their treatment will depend on the specific medication used as well as certain lifestyle factors. For instance, hunting dogs or barn cats may need more protection than pets who are mostly indoors. That being said, all pets need deworming meds all throughout the year, all their lives.

Can I get worms from my pet?

Absolutely. This is another reason why falling behind on your deworming schedule is never a good idea. A number of illnesses and parasites your pet may get are called zoonotic diseases – this means they can be passed on to you and other people around you. Roundworms are particularly dangerous. You can be infected through their small eggs and in severe cases, a roundworm infestation can lead to permanent blindness and organ damage. Children are especially at risk as they play outside often and are more likely to touch their eyes/mouth without washing their hands.


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