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Jodie Veinot, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician
I was born and raised in Lunenburg County. I have lived all my life on our family farm where we have oxen, beef cattle, pigs and chickens. I have always and will always love animals; I truly cannot imagine my life without them! I had a horse (Kally) for 22 years, who I miss dearly. I have three dogs and four cats, who are the lights of my and my nieces lives. I started working as a vet assistant at a local clinic in 2000 and joined the South Shore team in 2005. I became a registered RVT through the grandfathering clause and an online course in 2016. I love the time I get to spend on the road doing farm work. I really enjoy working one on one with the doctor, learning and getting to apply those learnings. An interesting and somewhat crazy fact about me is that I am scared of birds. Roosters, specifically, are my nemesis.


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