Ultrasound and X-ray

Here at South Shore, our goal is to provide medical care for cherished animals at the same level as healthcare for humans. Diagnostic imaging via ultrasounds and X-rays are two of the hallmark tools in providing the best care possible for our patients. They allow as to look inside and analyze the inner workings of your pet’s body to properly identify and health issues and prescribe the right course of treatment. Call us at 902.543.5602 to learn more about our diagnostic imaging tools for pets.

Do pets need to be sedated during an X-ray or ultrasound

It depends. If your pet is quite anxious/ does not like to be held down or if the area that needs to be scanned is at a hard-to-reach area of their body requiring us to place them in an awkward position, it is best for them to be sedated. This will prevent any stress on your pet. But, if the area to be scanned is easy to reach, and your pet is very calm in nature, there is no need to give them any kind of sedation. These scans are 100% pain-free and non-invasive.

How long does it take to get veterinary ultrasound or X-ray results?

Most pet owners will go home from their appointment already knowing the results of their pet’s diagnostic exams. There are times, however, when we may need to forward your pet’s information or case to a specialist in radiology. This is for more complicated conditions that require additional analysis.

How much does a pet X-ray or ultrasound cost?

Factors like how many scans need to be taken and if your pet needs sedation (the larger the patient, the higher a dose they need) mean that costs vary for each case. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can provide you with an accurate estimate.


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Last updated: May 5, 2022.

Dear Clients,

We are happy to welcome all clients back inside our hospital! Here is what to expect when you visit our hospital:

1. Face masks are now only required in the exam rooms.

2. Please email your order request to prescriptions@southshorevetservices.ca as our phone lines are very busy. Please include your pet’s name, the client name on file and the phone number on file as well as specific medications/food needed. We require 24 business hours for processing prescription refills.

3. We are now allowing clients to come in to the hospital to pick up orders that require payment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are looking forward to seeing you all again.

- The team at South Shore Veterinary Hospital