You may be aware about worms in your pet’s stool or vomit, but did you know they may also make their way into the heart, lungs, blood vessels and other body parts? This is the case for heartworm, a type of parasite your pet can get from the bite of an infected mosquito. The good news is with the right medication, your pet can be protected from the dangers of heartworm. Please do not hesitate to give us a call to learn more about how we can keep your furry friend heartworm-free.

Can pets with heartworm spread it to other pets?

No. Heartworm can only be spread from the bite of another infected mosquito. To put it simply, the heartworm larvae must go though an incubation period first inside the infected mosquito before the mosquito can become infectious.

How can I protect my pet from heartworm?

The scientifically proven way to support pets from heartworm is through medication. They can come in topical, oral and injectable form. Your pet will need to take these medications regularly all throughout their lives. Dosing schedules will depend on their particular lifestyle situation and the medication your veterinarian prescribes.

How is heartworm treated in pets?

Once your pet has been infiltrated with heartworms, medications are the most common mode of treatment. It may take multiple therapies to fully get rid of the heartworm and in the most severe cases, the heartworms may need to be surgically removed.


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