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Saying goodbye to a loved one and a member of the family is heartbreaking even under the best possible circumstances. Here at South Shore, our goal is to be a source of guidance and comfort for your family during this difficult time. We have compassionate protocols and measures in place to help pets and clients go through the euthanasia process. Please do not hesitate to call us at 902.543.5602 with any of your inquiries.

Do pets suffer when euthanized?

Not at all. The process begins by administering medications that will make your pet fall into a peaceful sleep where they are unable to feel any sensations. Then, the euthanasia drug is administered. The medication is called pentobarbital. It will cause your pet’s organs to fail and in a matter of minutes, they will no longer be alive. We do our best to keep our patients comfortable all throughout. We have a private euthanasia room where you can be with your pet during the entire process. You are also welcome to bring their favourite toys, trinkets or anything else that will bring them comfort. Finally, after the procedure is complete, we will give your family privacy and time to say your goodbyes.

How can I comfort my pet during their final days?

At the end of the day, you know your pet best and can provide them with the best support possible before they cross the rainbow bridge. You will know about their favourite treats, food and toys. That being said, we recommend staying as close to them as possible, doing the activities they love to do as long as they can safely participate in them, and not introducing them to new places or people that may cause them stress. Depending on the situation, your veterinarian may also recommend certain medications and pain-relief drugs that can help them be comfortable until their final moments.

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