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Dental Care

Aside from making them look picture-perfect, staying on top of your pet’s dental health and hygiene will prevent them from experiencing unnecessary pain and discomfort. Periodontal disease is one of the most common dental issues in pets that can be easily prevented with regular cleanings and exams. If your pet is long overdue for a dental check, please call us at 902.543.5602.

How often should my pet’s teeth be cleaned by the vet?

We recommend your pet comes to the hospital for a full exam and cleaning at least once per year. Now, your veterinarian may recommend even more frequent cleanings depending on your pet’s situation. For example, smaller dog breeds usually need semi-annual cleanings.

Why do smaller dog breeds need more frequent cleanings?

In the veterinary world, we notice that smaller dog breeds are more prone to developing infections, cavities and other dental problems. One of the speculated reasons for this is that because of their smaller heads, mouths and jaws, there is less space between teeth making it easier for bacteria to collect and build up.

What kind of dental services do you offer for pets?

A typical dental visit will include a complete dental examination, teeth cleaning (including under the gum line), teeth polishing to take away plaque, and any emergency extractions needed. This will be performed by one of our veterinarians with the help of our veterinary technicians.

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