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Cardiologic problems are some of the most common health issues faced by our furry family members. Did you know that as pets get older, their chances of developing heart disease and other heart-related problems can increase? Roughly 75% of senior dogs have some form of heart issue and about 1 in 10 cats will have a heart problem at some point in their life. With early detection and proper treatment, your pet may still be able to have a good life despite their condition. Contact us to learn more about our cardiology services.

How can a cardiology exam help my pet?

Here at South Shore, our veterinarians provide a range of cardiology services that may help treat heart murmurs, high blood pressure, valvular disorders, congestive heart failure and more.

What are the treatment options for pets with heart disease?

After a private consultation with one of our veterinarians, your pet will be properly diagnosed and given a treatment plan tailored for their situation. Therapies will vary from one patient to another but the most common items in a care plan are:

  • Medications (for various uses like slowing fluid build-up in lungs, correcting irregular heartbeats, etc.)
  • Diet modifications (including prescription options that are low in sodium)


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