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They come in a rainbow of colours and are natural-born singers (or speakers for parrots, of course). Birds are beautiful creatures and it’s no wonder that more and more people are welcoming them into their homes. Aside from appreciating their unique features, it’s important to make sure your pet bird receives proper medical care from a veterinary team like ours. Call us at 902.543.5602 for more details on how we can keep your winged friend as healthy as possible all their life.

What is the best pet bird for beginners?

It is great you are considering this as you begin your journey as a pet bird owner. Whether you have owned cherished pets all your life, or this is your first-ever pet, it is important to research the type of bird that best suits your lifestyle. Some birds are nocturnal, some prefer isolation, while others thrive in highly social settings. For first-timers, we suggest parakeets (or budgies) and cockatiels. These birds are great with children, friendly with people/ other pets and can even be taught how to do tricks. Remember, many birds can live upwards of 30 years so please do your research before making that commitment!

Do birds need exercise?

Certainly! For the vast majority of birds, it is necessary to let them out of their cage for a few minutes to a few hours per day so they can spread their wings. It’s a good idea to have a dedicated room in your home where your bird can fly around freely without other animals so they can get proper exercise. They should be properly trained before you let them fly freely around your home. We are happy to show you how to train your pet bird during a consultation at our hospital!


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Last updated: May 5, 2022.

Dear Clients,

We are happy to welcome all clients back inside our hospital! Here is what to expect when you visit our hospital:

1. Face masks are now only required in the exam rooms.

2. Please email your order request to prescriptions@southshorevetservices.ca as our phone lines are very busy. Please include your pet’s name, the client name on file and the phone number on file as well as specific medications/food needed. We require 24 business hours for processing prescription refills.

3. We are now allowing clients to come in to the hospital to pick up orders that require payment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are looking forward to seeing you all again.

- The team at South Shore Veterinary Hospital